Why Give?

When was your life last personally touched by cancer?  The devastating reality is that cancer affects each and every family differently, from loss of job to loss of life.  The shattering certainty is, if you have been fortunate not to be personally shaken by cancer thus far, or know someone who has, that you have a 50% chance of contracting some form of this horrendous disease, or have a close family member or friend who will, in your lifetime. Cancer remains the 2nd highest cause of death in the United States, second to heart disease.  It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when” will cancer impact you. Cancer patients in rural areas can expect to exceed $50,000 in out of pocket expenses, not covered by insurance, throughout the course of treatment. Donate now >>

Ways to Give and How You Can Help!

There are a variety of different ways in which you can help. Your monetary and in-kind charitable giving will make a direct impact in the lives of local cancer patients and their families. Being charitable can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. Donations can be accepted in a variety of formats, including cash, check, on-line, in-kind auction items, in trust and more. If you have the desire to make a donation of any kind or have a suggestion or offer for a fundraising event, please contact us.

For those of you who shop with Amazon.com, please consider changing your account to an Amazonsmile.com account and selecting the North Valley Sparrow Foundation as your charity of choice. By doing so, Amazon smile will donate a portion of your purchases to North Valley Sparrow Foundation. You Shop. Amazon smile gives.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsorships provide a unique and valued opportunity for your family, company or organization to partner with North Valley Sparrow Foundation to help patients fighting cancer and their families during what is often labeled as the most trying time in their lives. Corporate partnerships help us spread awareness about North Valley Sparrow Foundation’s efforts and engage employees and consumers through charitable giving, cause marketing, and event sponsorships.

As a sponsor, you provide much needed resources for hope, strength and healing to our recipients. It isn’t every day we have an opportunity to be a hero, but that is what our sponsors are called by our recipients.  Be a hero…it’s important to be a hero when you have an opportunity.

Each year sponsorships are available for specific fundraising and family events. North Valley Sparrow Foundation also offers opportunities to become an annual sponsor. We proudly recognize sponsors at events, on the website, in social and print media, and highlight your contribution in many ways.