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The mission of the North Valley Sparrow Foundation is to provide financial and emotional support services to families battling cancer in small, rural communities throughout Northern California.  Efforts are aimed at alleviating some of the ancillary burdens created by cancer, such as housing, transportation, personal care, and emotional wellness.

Since 2017, North Valley Sparrow Foundation has been committed to the continuing support of patients with all types of cancer, male or female, at any age and at any stage in their cancer journey, regardless of financial status. This commitment is made possible through collaborative partnerships with private donors and businesses throughout the counties we serve. 

The specific purpose of North Valley Sparrow Foundation is to be flexible and timely in reviewing recipient applications and taking consideration for financial awards on a case-by-case basis.

Our Philosophy

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment can leave many patients and their caregivers feeling very overwhelmed.  Illness, treatment, and complications can keep them from maintaining normalcy in their lives that often is taken for granted. The need to transition to a new "normal", marrying usual obligations in life with newfound cancer protocol, stresses and expenses.  

North Valley Sparrow Foundation began with the belief that families battling cancer have more crucial areas on which to focus their resources, time and concerns, and that recovery and health, rather than financial obligations and struggles magnified by cancer, be at the forefront.

We recognize that all family members, especially caregivers, are impacted in powerful and unique ways by cancer. The opportunity to support caregivers, in addition to patients, allows us to provide a much needed respite from some of the burdens of cancer.

Our Shared Vision

Provide year-round funding to support all qualified applicants, who are patients with cancer, and their primary caregivers, from the 23 rural counties we serve.

Our Core Values


We believe kindness and compassion can heal wounds nothing else can repair and place compassion at the core of each and every decision we make.


We believe courage is a badge of honor. Our recipients are called to exercise courage in their fight, courage in their fears and courage in asking for help in spite of pride and humility.


Because of each of our board member’s personal experience with cancer, we have the ability to relate to both cancer patients and caregivers, offering a certain level of understanding in regards to both physical and emotional challenges which accompany a cancer journey. We strive to allow that empathy and understanding to guide our actions.


We believe that generosity takes an open heart and a love that asks for nothing in return.  We also believe that generosity takes many forms and that no act of generosity, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


We are a team.  We, at North Valley Sparrow Foundation, support each other in addition to the clients we serve, as well as our professional counterparts throughout the cancer community.


We believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves. We believe that alone, we make a small dent, but together, in concert with our community, we can greatly positively impact the families we serve.


We believe integrity is critical to growth and success, and as such, value transparency, honesty and ethics.


Often, we are in need of volunteers for a particular fundraiser or event. Areas we may need assistance with are mailers, set up, registration, clean up and much more! You may also volunteer to be an Event Sponsor! Event Sponsorships provide a unique and valued opportunity for your family, company or organization to partner with North Valley Sparrow Foundation to support our local cancer community. Each year sponsorships are available for specific fundraising and family events. Learn more about Event Sponsorship.

There are a variety of different ways in which you can donate to North Valley Sparrow Foundation. NVSF accepts both monetary and in-kind donations. Your generosity will make a direct impact in the lives of local cancer patients and their families. Being charitable is both emotionally rewarding and financially beneficial, as NVSF is a registered non-profit, and your contribution is tax deductible. Make a donation today! >>

Based in South Butte County, North Valley Sparrow Foundation provides services in 23 rural counties in Northern California.

Yes! The North Valley Sparrow Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization based in California. EIN #82-1624777

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